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  1. Navigate the US Visa Application Process.
  2. Navigate the US Hospital Admittance Process.
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Visa Assistance, Medical Acceptance, and Proven Results


To obtain a Visa to the United States is difficult and the process confusing.  Unfortunately, many who need treatment are turned away, the cause?  Incorrect or inaccurate information on their application and errors caused by misunderstood meanings and translations.

Caduceus International understands and will eliminate the confusion and ensure your medical Visa application is approved.

We specialize in the Medical Necessity Visa Application process and the acceptance and placement of our clients cases at hospitals and specialty medical facilities throughout the United States.  As a client, you have instant access to following services.

  1. Visa application assistance for Medical Necessity Visa travel to the United States
  2. Access to our affordable First Class Concierge Services
    • Visa application assistance
    • Navigation of the US Visa process
    • Arrange travel and lodging accommodations
    • Coordination and scheduling of appointments
    • Interpretation and Translation Services
    • Arrange local transportation or shuttle services
    • Facilitate Special or Religious Accommodations
    • Sourcing of special requests or items from home

Have a request for a service not listed?  Let the Caduceus Concierge know, we will do our best to accommodate all requests, as long as they are legal and ethical.

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