Service Disclaimer

Caduceus International seeks to assist with the Visa application for medical necessity travel to, and treatment in, the US.  We also assist with medical diagnoses and referral services for international clients.  We act as an adviser, gatekeeper, referral source, negotiator, and placement service.  We cannot and do not provide medical services, consultation, and/or dictate the outcomes of providers of medical care services.  The patient and family must comply with the advice of Caduceus International physicians and consultants.  We strive to assist with the best possible advisory service available specific to your medical condition and financial circumstances.  We are not responsible for the medical diagnosis and advisory services you receive, and we do not guarantee the performance and service outcomes of licensed medical providers.

Website Disclaimer:

All health and health-related information contained within the Caduceus International website is intended to be general in nature and should not be used as a substitute for a visit with a healthcare professional.  The advice is intended to offer only a general basis for individuals to discuss their medical condition with their healthcare provider.  Your healthcare provider should be consulted regarding matters concerning the medical condition, treatment, and needs of you and your family.

Although every effort is made to ensure that the material within the Caduceus International website is accurate and timely, it is provided for the convenience of the website user and should not be considered official.  Users of this website are advised to refer to and rely upon the official version of information when making significant decisions, including decisions related to employment opportunities at Caduceus International.

Stored Information:

Please be aware most information transmitted over the Internet is not secure; thus, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.

Personally Provided Information:

If you choose to provide us with personal information by sending an email, or by filling out a form with your personal information and submitting it through our website, we use that information to respond to your message and to help us provide you with information or material that you request.  We do not give, share, sell, or transfer any personal information to any third party unless requested by the client or required by law.

Links to Other Sites:

Please note that some pages within this website, for the convenience of users, are linked to web sites not managed by Caduceus International.  Neither Caduceus International nor affiliates of Caduceus International, control or take responsibility for the content of those websites.

Links from this website to websites not managed by Caduceus International do not imply endorsement or credibility of the service, information or product offered through the linked sites.

The Caduceus International website provides links to other internet sites that provide health information.  Once you link to another site, you are subject to the privacy policy of the new site.