For Your Convenience the Most Common Questions are Answered Here.

Q:  Why is it so hard to get medical care in the United States?

A:  Medicine is organized very differently in the US.  The country has no centralized system of care.  There is no national, central planning for medicine.  In the United States, doctors play a unique and important role.

Q:  Why can’t I get accepted to a hospital by just sending my medical records to them? 

A:  In the United States, only doctors can admit a patient to a hospital.  Even in places where many doctors work for the same company, like the Mayo Clinic, only individual doctors make these critical decisions.  There are strict laws in the US prohibiting “the corporate practice of medicine.”  Individual doctors are the gatekeepers.

Q:  How can Caduceus International assist me in getting my case approved when I myself cannot?

A:  Because you need a letter from an American doctor agreeing to see you before the US embassy will issue you a medical visa.  Caduceus International has relationships with physicians who understand the special challenges international patients face.  The doctor(s) will review your medical history and document both your need to be treated and will often serve as your initial screening physician.

Q:  Why do I need another medical consultation prior to hospital acceptance?

A:  In America, only doctors can admit you to a hospital, and you must be admitted by a doctor who has privileges at that specific hospital.  Remember, in the US, only doctors are allowed to treat you.  They make treatment decisions after reviewing your records.  Doctors do this independently and do not depend on anyone else to make medical decisions.

Q:  Why do hospitals want me to be physically present before they accept me for admission?

A:  Because the doctor must validate your condition and be sure that vital testing is current and up to standards.  A physician’s performance in a hospital is held to the highest of standards and subject to complete review by other doctors.  They want to be sure you require specialized care and that your health is such that you can tolerate the appropriate treatments.

Q:  How can Caduceus International get a referral to a specialist without me being present? 

A:  Caduceus International has relationships with a number of physicians.  These doctors are able to review your medical history, predict what specialty referrals you might need, and make those arrangements before your arrival.  Of course, you will likely undergo a number of tests which may seem duplicative; this testing is to insure that the results are current and from sources acceptable to the doctors who will treat you in the US.

Q:  What are the steps to be treated in the United States?

A:  There are three basic steps to receive treatment in the American system for an international patient.  First, Caduceus International will help you apply for the necessary Visa.  This requires a letter from a US physician agreeing that he/she will see you.  Second, there will likely be one or more visits to medical specialists in their offices.  Third, most conditions require a hospital stay for treatment.  Caduceus International will assist you in paying for these services.  In some cases, your payment to Caduceus International will be less than what you might have been charged directly for these services.  That’s part of the value of our services.

Q:  Why should I trust Caduceus International to help me? 

A:  Because we understand both the unique circumstances of the international patient and the unique challenges of the American system of medicine.  We have experience in working with American hospitals, and we can usually get you treated for less cost to you than hospitals charge on a fee-for-service basis.

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